Take Your Competitor’s Clients

We Help Local Services Businesses to Ethically and Honestly Take Their Competitor’s Clients without Cold Calling, Prospecting, or Passing Out Fliers.

Take Your Competitor’s Clients

We Help Local Service Businesses to Ethically and Honestly Take Their Competitor’s Clients without Cold Calling, Prospecting, or Passing Out Fliers.

Full-Service Online Marketing + You = Market Domination

We help business owners, nationwide, to capture significant market share from their competition. We’ll build you an elaborate online presence designed to attract highly targeted leads from across the internet and we funnel those leads back to you. This means more phone calls, more booked appointments, more sales, and ultimately…more money in your bank account. Each month your dedicated account manager will let you know what steps we are taking to fight for you to get you results.

High Converting Website Design

Your website could be like a Hollywood production infomercial that sells you and your services while you sleep, but when you build the website yourself or if you hire a designer who doesn’t know how to sell, then you’re left with something that looks more like an online business card. Listen…anyone can build a website, but businesses come to us when they want a Lightening Fast Website that consistently converts into calls and booked appointments.

The average website converts at 2-3%, but this is what some of our clients converted at last month (updated 2/26/20):

  • Smog Shop 68% 68%
  • Electrician 100% 100%
  • Scooter Repair 91% 91%

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

We help businesses to get listed at the top of search engines so that you get found the instant someone is looking for your services. We don’t use software to build thousands of spammy links (you can easily find someone on Fiverr who will gladly get you blacklisted from Google). We only safe, White Hat techniques, that are built by hand to ensure you get high quality links that last.

…So You Can Focus On What You Do Best

Pay Per Click Ads

We’ve ran some of the largest campaigns in the world for certain industries. We also have some of the highest Click Thru Rates and Conversions world-wide.

Social Media Marketing

We use the most powerful Social Media platforms so you can target highly qualified clients based on their behaviors (and more) wherever they spend their time online.

Directory Marketing

We help you to market your business on directories like Yelp in a strategic way where you are not competing against others on just price alone.

Clients We’ve Helped

Rich from ScooterDoc

Learn how we took a local scooter company on the brink of collapse and  transformed him into one of the most dominate scooter repair facilities in Los Angeles county.

“DALE THANK YOU for your work, and Thank you Dale for making it all happen. My phone has been ringing off the hook. I tell you I had to drink a couple of energy drinks to calm down!! Let’s keep up all the momentum that you presently have set in motion. High five, Wow!”

Rich Proffitt

Owner of ScooterDoc

Dan & Lisa from Power Systems Electric

Learn how Dan & Lisa went from relying on referrals from a Home Warranty company to the market leader.

“Dale’s name comes up in our home daily. Usually, there’s an “F” word that comes in front of his name every time the phone rings–especially on Saturday and Sundays. It’s absolutely a good thing! We’ve been getting so many calls that we started to troubleshoot customers over the phone so we don’t have to drive out there. We’ll likely have to hire full time help!”

Lisa Galarza

Co-Owner of Power Systems Electric

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