Searching for SEO services online puts you at risk of getting your business blacklisted and removed from Google.

How do I know?


I hired someone to do SEO and he got my business blacklisted from Google and at the same time I hired someone else to do SEO for my Youtube channel…only to get that shut down too.

Hello, my name is Dale, and I learned the hard way that most people don’t have a clue how to do SEO properly.

That experience cost me a ton of time and money. I had to start over again from scratch.

So I decided to invest thousands to learn SEO from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Since then, I’ve been able to explode businesses from almost out of nowhere.

Now I provide safe, white-hat, SEO services, designed to help businesses to get found at the top of Google.

I had a client who was almost in tears. He was about to close his doors after 20 years in business. His biggest concern was having to search for a job while being nearly 60 years of age.

I ended up making him one of the top Kitchen Cabinet Companies in a very competitive market–Austin, TX.

He got booked weeks in advance, he had to hire a team to keep up with the demand, and eventually he was picked up by a Home Developer who hired him to install 50 new kitchens.

In most cases, I am able to change people’s lives in just a few months.

All of my clients are now on the first page of Google, and most hold the highly coveted #1 spot.

Clients who were already crushing it before are now seeing their profits triple after working with me.

Unfortunately, you’ll hate me on weekends because your phone will keep ringing on Saturdays and Sundays too.

A recent client who was stuck at $100,000 a year worked with me for only 2 months and is now on path to making $300k in the next 12 months.

Check out this photo of a text conversation between me and one of my clients.

He’s talking about a 400% increase in his business. That’s insane!

Actually, what’s really insane is…

1) SEO’s completely ignore making changes to the website…so Google doesn’t pick up dozens or even hundreds of keyword terms that you should be ranking for.

2) SEO’s are dumping low quality backlinks that disappear as quickly as they are built…so once you fire them…you’re back to square one again.

3) They build links in shady countries (like China, Russia, and Venezuela) known for massive spammy links that puts your website at risk of being penalized in future Google updates.

The truth is…I can’t keep customers.

I regularly get clients screaming at me to turn it all off because they’re booked with more business than they can handle.

Turn it all off? Seriously?!

I learned that most people aren’t ready for their businesses to explode. Most client’s go from loving me to yelling at me to turn it all off.

So here’s….

My 4 Steps To Prepare For Market Domination:

1) Have a high converting website

Your website should be your company’s #1 salesperson. It should be closing sales for you while you sleep, yet most business owners want to go cheap and design it themselves or they hire a student to build one for them. But a college student isn’t going to know the sales psychology behind why people pull out their phone or wallet to do business with you, nor will they know effective sales copy that closes customers on using you before you even speak to them in person.

2) Have a way to answer your phone when it rings

I make the phone ring…sometimes all day. If you can’t answer the phone, then potential clients will leave you bad reviews online. This can be avoided. Have a plan in place to have family, employees, or a call service to answer your phone. Then simply call back as quickly as possible. If you can’t return a call within 3-5 minutes, then you’ve already lost 50% of those clients.

3) Don’t argue with proven data

When you go to the doctor…do you argue with his/her advice? Well in my business entrepreneurs like to argue with proven data. I want your website and conversions to be the highest possible so that you make money. I’ve found that business owners get tired of their website or they want to feel in control and demand random change requests that don’t make sense. I absolutely don’t mind making changes. Changes are usually a good thing. They’re often improvements. But if it’s something that will destroy rankings and conversions, then you’ll have difficulty working with me. In most cases, I’ll say let’s test it. But if your changes cause your phone not to ring for a week, then I’m changing things back to how they were without your permission. Honestly, I like to win. And it’s weird to me that I want my clients to succeed more than they do. In very few cases…I’ve been proven wrong. Believe me though when I say…just trust the data.

4) Good quality photos and videos are a must

We don’t pull random photos off the internet to build your website…(every other web designer on the planet will gladly do that for you). Firstly, you don’t have permission to use it…and that puts you at risk of illegally using copywritten material. Plus, those images look fake…which only ends up making you look untrustworthy. Having original photos of you and your company tells people that you’re a legitimate business…and that you provide quality results. Oddly enough…getting good photos and videos seem to be the most difficult part to working with me. That’s what you should hire a college student for…to come in for 2 hours and take photos with your iphone. That’s $20-30 well spent. The website only looks as good as the photos and videos you supply. We cannot make you look good without it!

So here’s what you don’t know…

SEO doesn’t work like it used to.

Google recently changed the rules (again). And most of my competition didn’t get the memo.

How can I tell?


I can see that my competitors who are dumping hundreds of links to their website every month are actually dropping in rankings…while my websites are climbing to the top.

For example…I just launched a new website for a business owner in Phoenix.

Prior to meeting me…he was nowhere to be found on Google in Phoenix. He informed me that the same 3 companies have been dominating the top spots for years.

After the new website went live…he went to #2 in 6 weeks…with zero work to his SEO.

How do I beat websites with stronger backlink profiles?

There are two reasons…


When you place Google’s analytics code onto your website…you give them permission to track everything.

Google tracks people’s time on page. They track how many pages they visit.

They also track how quickly someone leaves your website…and when they go to your competitor’s site to find the solution that they were looking for.

When this happens…and when customers leave your website in masses…then you drop in rankings.


Copywriting breaks all the rules of writing proper English. This may be one of the least respected skills known to man. Even my competitors place no value on copywriting. But when I take a website and significantly change the written content…then conversions go through the roof.

So if you’re struggling to get consistent, predictable, leads coming in every month…

then consider this simple solution…

Hire us!

We don’t just do SEO.

SEOs will simply want to rank you #1, #2, or #3 on Google…

but often times that simply isn’t enough.

Most businesses will only continue to struggle (even at the top).

This is why we focus on Market Domination.

We’re using SEO and other tactics to capture leads from all over the internet

…then we funnel all of those leads back to your website.

We build some of the highest converting websites in North America.

We have (multiple) sites that regularly convert at 100%.

So for every 10 cold customers who land on the site…10 of them are calling to book appointments

You wont find anyone in your city (or on the planet) who is getting these results.

Overall though…we typically only need 3 or 4 clicks for it to turn into a customer.

This is powerful.

If you search on Google for the average conversion rate of a website, then you’ll see that it says it’s 2% (honestly…I disagree. I think it’s lower).

This means that if you pay for clicks…then you would have to pay for 100 clicks…to get 2 customers.

And THAT…my friend…is why Google Ads doesn’t work for most businesses.

So when you go cheap on the front end (with building the website) then you’ll lose thousands on the backend (by trying to promote it).

Once you have a High Converting website in place…then it amplifies ALL of your marketing efforts.

We also do…

  • Google Adwords
  • we optimize your Google My Business accounts so that you can get found on Google…
  • we build out all of your Social Media Profiles…
  • we optimize your directory listings on sites like Yelp
  • we do Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • we do Youtube ads
  • and we do retargeting

or anything else we need to do to help funnel customers back to your high converting website to turn those visitors into calls and booked appointments.

This machine that we build gives you the Golden Ticket to take over and dominate your area.

Each machine is built specifically for your business and with your goals in mind.

So if you’re looking for consistent…highly targeted leads coming in every month…

Or if you’re looking to Crush your competitors and be #1 in your market…

Then we want to hear from you!

Simply reach out to us and provide some very basic information, like…

  • What industry (or industries) are you in?
  • What’s your business name?
  • What is your website URL?
  • What is your zip code for the business? (This question is extremely important. Google made changes to make it far more difficult for you to be in Concord and trying to compete in Charlotte. So the city you are physically located in can make it far more difficult or easy for you to compete…so I would need to know this.)
  • What are you looking to accomplish?


Afterwards, I will provide you with a FREE, In-Depth Analysis of your business and your competition to see what it will take to help you to crush it!

Then I can provide you with all of the details you’re asking yourself right now…like cost…and time…and what all is involved.

You have nothing to lose…and everything to gain (because many times I will give you the exact steps they can take yourself to rise higher in search results).

And if you’re paying Google, or Yelp, or Home Advisor for ads….then you cannot afford not reach out to me.

Usually I can take that same budget and flood you with far more (stronger…pre-sold…) leads.

I can’t promise that you’ll rank #1 in Google. Nobody can promise that.

However, that’s always the target I am shooting for.

But nothing happens until you reach out to us first.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we very much look forward to helping you to dominate your marketplace!

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