Case Study // Power Systems Electric

Learn How This Family Owned Electrical Company Went From Zero Internet Presence…and Totally Dependent On Referrals…To Market Leader With Consistent, Predictable, Monthly Income.

Case Study // Power Systems Electric

Learn How This Family Owned Electrical Company Went From Zero Internet Presence…and Totally Dependent On Referrals…To Market Leader With Consistent, Predictable, Monthly Income.

The History

Power Systems Electric is a local mom and pop operation, located in Southern California, that has been serving their community for nearly 30 years. Over the years more competition has entered the market, and this made it more difficult for them to compete. For the past 5+ years they had been almost entirely dependent on receiving referrals from a Home Warranty company. Unfortunately, they never knew if or when they would get their next assignment. Sometimes they didn’t hear from them for weeks.

The Problem

Dan and Lisa didn’t know if their Home Warranty referral company would ever stop using them or needing them. They didn’t know how to market themselves in the new digital age. They had zero internet presence, and to make matters worse, Dan is a disabled vet who has been suffering with back issues ever since his military days. It’s almost impossible for him to get out of bed on some days, and they simply didn’t have the consistent work coming in every month to afford to hire additional help.

The Starting Point

  • They had no website
  • Their top ranking competitors were extremely strong
  • All of their business details on the web were decades old
  • They had no presence on directories like Yelp
  • They had zero social media presence

The Solution

The first step was to create a high converting website using video. They were completely against being on video, but we hit the record button anyways while they were working. We’ll fix all of the wrong phone numbers and addresses for their business across the web. We would also build out there social media presence and directory presence, and we’ll use SEO to get Power Systems Electric listed at the top of Google.

Here’s What Happened Next…

Calls started pouring in from everywhere. It was almost like a faucet, and once we turned it all on then they were flooded with more inquiries than they could handle. They loved us during the week, and hated us during the weekends because the calls just kept coming in. For the first time in years they were completely self sufficient. They no longer needed to reply on others to send leads and referrals their way. In fact, in a very short amount of time they started sending referrals to their friends in the industry.

100% Conversion Rates

Immediately after launching the website, it began converting at 100%. This means that for every cold (meaning a customer who is not familiar with the business) customer who was landing on the website was calling to book an appointment. And for the next 6 months the website would continue to convert between 70-100%. And these high conversions meant that they needed very little traffic to their website to keep themselves extremely business each month.

Reaching Beyond Borders

Rich was already ranked #1 on Google in his city for a few keywords, but last year Google made it extremely difficult to reach beyond his city limits. This is why he wasn’t receiving calls or inquiries outside of Pasadena. Our SEO efforts helped him to rank higher in organic search results outside of Pasadena, and into one of the most competitive cities in the United States–LA. He is now ranked #1 in his city for dozens of keyword phrases, and he’s rising higher on Google Maps throughout Los Angeles with every passing month.

Where’s Power Systems Electric Today?

We’ve been working with Dan and Lisa at Power Systems Electric for 9 months now. In that time they’ve captured and dominated their market entirely. They have more business than they can handle, and frequently troubleshoot customers over the phone or they refer customers to other friends in the industry. They’ve been able to comfortably take vacations outside of the country, and they have more financial stability than they’ve had in years.

“Dale’s name comes up in our home daily. Usually, there’s an “F” word that comes in front of his name every time the phone rings–especially on Saturday and Sundays. It’s absolutely a good thing! We’ve been getting so many calls that we started to troubleshoot customers over the phone so we don’t have to drive out there. We’ll likely have to hire full time help!”

Lisa Galarza

Co-Owner of Power Systems Electric

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