Case Study // ScooterDoc

Learn How This Local Hometown Scooter Repair Shop Went From Zero Customers in 2 Weeks To Dominating One of the Most Competitive Markets In the U.S.

Case Study // ScooterDoc

Learn How This Local Hometown Scooter Repair Shop Went From Zero Customers in 2 Weeks To Dominating One of the Most Competitive Markets In the U.S.

The History

Scooter Doc had been repairing bikes in Los Angeles County for over a decade. He was the only shop to focus on Vespa Repairs. With nearly each passing year, more and more competitors started to come onto the scene. Mobile Mechanics seemed to be a big reason of why he was losing business. He frequently heard horror stories from clients about some of the Mobile Mechanics in his market. Some are tipping bikes to drain the oil, which puts the bike at risk of being damaged, and it leaves old oil left inside the scooter. These mechanics are also leaving puddles of oil on customer’s driveways, and they’re even placing the old oil in plastic trash bags. Who knows where that’s ending up.

The Problem

Rich, the owner, did not have a client in 2 weeks. He had zero budget to pay for marketing services, but he reached out to several SEO and Marketing agencies out of desperation. He was on the brink of closing his doors, and his relationship with his girlfriend suddenly ended because of financial problems, and his body was breaking down from the stressful reality of possibly going out of business. We were the only company to respond to him.

The Starting Point

  • The website had some traffic, but horrible conversions
  • His target clientele are in LA, but he had no presence there
  • The branding and photos were old and of poor quality
  • He needed results fast to stay in business
  • The website was ranking for approx. 30 keywords terms

The Solution

The first step was to create a high converting website.  To do this we had to go to his shop to take photos and to record video (against his wishes…because he wasn’t feeling well…but there was an urgency to get him leads fast to keep his business afloat…so we went aways). We amplified his SEO so that he’ll rank higher in Google. We ran a Google Ads campaign so that he can reach all of LA County. And we also built out his social media presence throughout the web.

Here’s What Happened Next…

We launched Rich’s new website over the weekend, and what happened next was an absolute miracle. He received a call from Hollywood on a Monday from an Exec who saw the new website. They asked if he had a bike that they could use in their Capital One commercial that they were filming on Wednesday. On Wednesday he was on set with one of his scooters, and that same day he received a check that came as a blessing and a lifeline when he needed it most. Everything that came next was icing on the cake.

Conversion Rates Skyrocketed

ScooterDoc’s conversion rates skyrocketed. In the last 30 days (since writing this section of the website), the website converted 69% of its cold organic visitors into highly interested, pre-sold, calls. Our websites make you look like the absolute authority in the marketplace. This means customers are already pre-sold, requiring less selling or pressure on your part to convert them into a sale.

We Started Ranking For Hundreds Of Keywords

The website went from ranking for approximately 30 keywords, to ranking for well over 200 keyword terms and phrases (and growing). This means more free organic traffic from Google, and we’re ranking in top position in search results for high value keyword phrases. We almost entirely eliminated calls he was getting for repairs on products, like handicap scooters, that he does not service.

Reaching Beyond Borders

Rich was already ranked #1 on Google in his city for a few keywords, but last year Google made it extremely difficult to reach beyond his city limits. This is why he wasn’t receiving calls or inquiries outside of Pasadena. Our SEO efforts helped him to rank higher in organic search results outside of Pasadena, and into one of the most competitive cities in the United States–LA. He is now ranked #1 in his city for dozens of keyword phrases, and he’s rising higher on Google Maps throughout Los Angeles with every passing month.

Dominating Beyond Borders

To absolutely ensure that Rich has a presence throughout Los Angeles County, and to capture everyone in his market searching for “scooter repair”, we started running Google Ads. We’re able to get him some of the highest click-thru-rates using Google Ads, and we’re funneling traffic to his high converting website. This deadly combination of paid traffic to a high converting website allows us to swallow up market share almost instantly. And in the meantime, all of his rankings across the board continues to explode.

Where’s ScooterDoc Today?

We’ve been working with Rich at ScooterDoc for 3.5 months now, and today he is busy with more business than he can handle. He hired a technician to help with the workload, and he recently hired a second tech. He has plans to open up 1 more location this year closer to the beach, and a third location sometime next year. He has also gotten back together with his girlfriend.

“DALE THANK YOU for your work, and Thank you Dale for making it all happen. My phone has been ringing off the hook. I tell you I had to drink a couple of energy drinks to calm down!! Let’s keep up all the momentum that you presently have set in motion. High five, Wow!”

Rich Proffitt

Owner of ScooterDoc

Wanna Know How We Helped w/Zero Marketing Budget?

In the story above, we mentioned that Rich reached out to us out of desperation, and with zero marketing budget. We wanted to help him because we knew we could get him sales quickly. So we offered him “Results In Advance”. This is where we get results FIRST, so that he could afford our service.

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